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Why Community Solar

Community Solar is a way for PSE&G customers including renters and condo owners to support clean energy through their involvement in the program.

Member Based

Members pay lower prices for electricity sourced from solar farms and don't own any panels or inverters. They basically buy power at a reduced rate.

Program Benefits

Customers achieve energy independence from the grid, while supporting their local economy and saving Up to 10% on annual PSE&G utility bills.

Easy Enrollment

Members have no out of pocket expenses, subscription or cancellation fees or credit checks. You can leave anytime with two months’ notice.

What is Community Solar?

Joining a community solar program is designed to provide its members with a simple no cost way to make a real difference within the local economy. Our signup application process is easy and hassle free.


Temperature fluctuations and severe storms are changing people’s lives right now. Bliss Solar believes in climate change and is determined to address it. Community solar is an innovative way for Long Island residents with a PSEG-LI electric account, to go green without having to install and maintain solar panels on their property. Moreover, by signing up for this project, you not only power your local economy by supporting a community based green initiative but also receive consistent monetary savings!

Nassau and Suffolk County residents can join us by becoming a member of our Community Solar farm. This rooftop project will be based in Oceanside, NY, and begin producing energy in early 2021. It will consist of approximately 1,500 solar panels generating affordable energy over the next 25-30 years.

PSEG-LI homeowners, condo owners and renters will have an allocation of this off-site solar power assigned to their regular electric consumption. The clean energy ‘allocations’ will be based on each user’s annual energy consumption profile. This allocation will show up as monetary credits on member’s future PSE&G-LI bills since the utility would be sourcing this energy directly from our solar farm.

Customers could expect to see up to 10% annual savings on their electricity bills. Sign up today and start saving while contributing to a better, cleaner and sustainable tomorrow!

Oceanside New York Map

Solar Power Numbers


Trees Planted

Be a part of this movement and help make an environmental impact equal to the carbon sequestered by about 8000 trees planted every year.


Carbon Emission Reduction

The carbon reduction equivalent of this is over 100 gas-powered cars being taken off the road each year or the equivalent of 55,691 fewer gallons of gasoline consumed each year!


Carbon Dioxide Reduced

Over the years, community solar provides consumers a chance to offset a major portion of their carbon footprint with minimal effort that will reduce 458 tons of carbon.

About Us

Bliss Solar, LLC., is a solar developer dedicated to helping our clients source and implement solar PV systems in the most cost effective manner. 

Rooted in energy efficiency and project finance our company has the unique knowledge and skills to provide an innovative net zero approach.  Our goal is to advance the most abundant and natural energy source throughout the country with the latest technology that provides monitoring and performance updates.  

We work in collaboration with the clients to understand how best to help them achieve energy independence. The mission of Bliss Solar, LLC., is to make the process of decoupling from the power through consumer solar education and world-class customer service.  grid as painless as possible. 

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